Friday, July 18, 2008

The adventures of my first pair of "real" shoes....

Mommy and daddy went away for a couple of days for something called "alone time" and an "anniversary". I don't understand that right now, but mommy said she needed it. That's all I need to know. While they were gone, and thinking of me all the time, they got me these cool things called shoes. Daddy actually picked them out himself, mommy said. Now, I have these "shoes" called Robeeze, which are actually baby shoes. But mommy said I'm getting to be such a big girl, so I'm starting to move on. Robeeze are really cute but are just for show. Everytime mommy put them on me, people would always say "those are so cute." I have a pair with princess crowns on them and a pair with butterflies on them. My cousin Henry even has a pair with an alien and a spaceship on them! I digress. So these shoes...I'm not quite sure what to think of I will tell the story with pictures.

Mommy put these things on my feet.

I didn't know what else to do, so I ate them.

Daddy says "only Nikes for the baby."

I kind of got the hang of it.
Yeah I give up.

And just for fun...I'm comin to get ya!


Christie said...

Ah pink frickin' Nikes! I can't handle it! You're so lucky to have a girl. (On a side note I think Darren finally has realized we'd be in the poor house right now if we had a girl. There is too much good shopping for girls.)

Go, Miss Amels, go!

Amelia's mommy. said...

It's so hard not to buy anything pink I see. Nick and I actually went back and forth on a Nike outfit, or these shoes. I OBVIOUSLY won. Totally worth it, and won't be the first or the last pair. I feel bad, but she's like my personal Barbie! I think I work just to support my shopping for her!