Monday, June 29, 2009

Potty book: 1 Mommy: -0

Happy 19 months on this earth baby!

Mommy's a day late, but she said she had a really bad migraine yesterday and she didn't look too good, so I forgive her. She did come outside with me and play for a bit in on my playset. It was fun. I'm talking more, reading more, and defiantly singing more. Mommy keeps saying she's proud. I just know it's going to get worse....Happy 19 months baby girl. You make me and daddy laugh every day, your smile is contagious and your singing voice is beautiful. You are the best thing we ever did, and will continue to enjoy the smiles you give us every day. We love you Miss Amels.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our very first edible harvest from the Glynn family garden!

It's happened! We had our first strawberry ripe and ready to pick and eat from our garden. So exciting! The follow is a picture of said strawberry, and Miss Amelia's reaction to her taste of said strawberry.

A baby shower day at Kellys

One of mommy's oldest friends, Kelly, is having a baby soon. So we got to go to her house where there were a lot of other babies around from people mommy knew for a long time. I was so good, impressed everyone and just hung out looking cute. I made sure I touched every baby softly and even ate a little. Oh and I was lucky enough to help with presents. Here are some pictures mommy took.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Glynn family garden week 4

Mommy couldn't help herself. Now she's posting week by week of the garden process. I still hear about this garden, but haven't tasted anything yet. Mommy said ants got our first good strawberry, but daddy fixed that with some special stuff. So now I'm waiting for the next batch. All I know is I get to see it with mommy and daddy but not walk in it, and I really don't mind because my cool play set is next to it and I'd so rather be slidin! Here are the pictures!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer toys have arrived in my back yard!

My Aunt Kyla gave me one of the coolest things ever. Not only did she give me a kitchen where I cook and iron my blankee (more pics on that later), but mommy finally got the slide and swingset in the backyard yesterday and I got to play! I had so much fun, mommy had to litterally drag me through the grass to get me back in the house. I had so much fun, and am so greatful to Aunt Kyla. Here is my new slide/swingset!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Glynn family garden week 3

Mommy knows this doesn't have much to do with me, but says someday I will benefit from the garden her and daddy are working so hard on. She wanted to share some pictures of how this looks week 3. They still need to plant the zuccinni, watermellons and peppers that are currently growing in pots. They are also adding barkdust and extending the rock path to the entrance of the garden within the next couple of weeks. All I hear is blahblah, but have been told I have a surprise coming in the peet gravel next to the garden this week....for that I let mommy do this post.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

18 month drs. apt.

Well we survived the "as to be yet named by the local media" storm. Mommy and I were at the Dr's. office for my 18 month apt. The wind was howling through the roof and every now and then Dr. Culver would stop and look up a little. He said he grew up in WI and has had his share of the potential tornado we might have had, so we felt pretty good with him. I guess we missed the good stuff because when we left, tree's were all over the ground and it was raining real hard. But onto the apt.

The good Dr. Culver spared me today with only 1 shot, but boy I was still mad about it. I screamed and pouted for quite a while. I wonder how long it will be until I get suckers for getting shots....he said he was happy with how I'm moving right along, and mommy got a pat on the back. Mommy talked about something called potty training, but she needs to do more reading on it. Basically he said I'm cool as hell. My stats were:

Weight=24 pounds. 50%
Height=33 3/4 inch. 95%

Mommy was writing this information in my baby book and noticed that I've been the same percentiles since I was 6 months old! Mommy asked Dr. Culver if we should start looking at the WNBA, or something more like a Dr. He said it looks WNBAish right now!

First list/week one

We have the first sign of life in the Glynn garden! We are so excited to see the literal fruits of our labors!