Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Glynn Family garden, year 2.

We're at it again. Being sustainable. Last years garden was a lot of hard work, and a lot of success. We had amazing fruit salads, canned salsa all summer, cucumbers for salads daily and of course, our pumpkin patch. We set out for 3 pumpkins for the fall, ended out with over 20. A patch people. Some things have stayed the same, some have changed for this years garden. It was easier to till/plant this year, and we're hoping the harvest should get easier as well. Here is what we have to look forward to:

The same: Corn, Pumpkins (both big and mini's, for decoration in the fall mainly), tomato's (4 different types), cucumbers, zucchini, baby watermelons, green and red bell peppers.

Something different: We're using different types of tomato's this year, aside from the 2 bell pepper varieties, this year we're trying habanero and jalapeno, we've replaced the strawberries with cantalope, and not planted as many pumpkin starters. We also used pepper seeds last year and transplanted them into the garden, this year we by-passed that and are just using plants.

To add to our sustainable weekend without Miss Amels, we also pulled 2 out of control growing plants from the front yard and replaced them with beautiful Dahalia varieties. FINALLY some color in my front yard! (this with the tulips I planted a month or so ago). I'm going to see how tall they get and may put a couple more in come July to enjoy through the rest of the summer. We prunned and cut back our other plants out front and made things look quite orderly. We also have deviled eggs in the fridge for a bbque at my parents tomorrow and I made my mother in laws Lemon Jello Salad for the first time (I'm hoping it's a hit, I've never been a big Jello salad fan but this looks good!)

So tomorrow is "in-house" cleaning since the weather is supposed to go sour. Then a bbque at the parents to pick up Miss Amels. I have muscles I forgot exsisted that are sore from the planting/gardening but when all is said it done, it makes me love being a home owner! Like last year, mainly for my own records but also to share, I'll be doing a week by week photo gallery of the harvest. Here's to fruit salads, pumpkin pies and pancakes, and lots o' salsa!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bucket List.....

You hear of these more and more these days. While I've never really thought about a true "list", I've always had things on my mind that I'd like to do before I leave the earth. Sometimes, sadly, you're reminded that that time can come quicker then you'd like.

3 days before my 30th birthday, I received word that one of the women I've played Bunko with for almost 10 years passed away of cancer. She was 40. She had 2 kids, ages 12 and 10, her oldest being her daughter. This hit close to home. Not only was I so close in age with her, she was a healthy person who was fighting cancer for a second time in her life. But now, she'll never see her daughter get her license, go to prom, graduate or get married. My greatest fear, and probably any parents fear, was right in front of me. I took some time to plant flowers and think, therapy if you will. Thinking about how short life is. How I may worry about things that shouldn't be taking away energy from my family and friends. I start coming up with a mental Bucket List. Things I want to do, or start re-focusing on, as life is going much faster then I'd like it to. Some things I can start working on immediatly, others are more long term goals. While I won't bore with the entire list (it keeps growing...) some thing are worth mentioning:

-In the face of my 30th birthday, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with some friends I haven't seen in over 10 years. While the wonders of Facebook have brought us together, it never replaces physically sitting and talking, laughing and enjoying that persons company. These people showed me their commitment to continue a friendship outside of the "internet" world, and I will make it mine to be a great friend to them, to see them more and to laugh with them often.

-make stronger the current friendship/relationships I have. I'll need these people more then I can imagine one day.

-Go to Europe. Specifically France, Italy and Ireland.

-Go to New York, in the winter. (and if possible, stay at the Plaza, splurge at one expensive store I'd never be able to shop at on a normal basis, and skate at Central Park)

-Teach Amelia as much as I can. About Life, love and all that comes in between.

-Laugh at the small stuff.

-Laugh more often, period.

-Get a hold of my health. Walk/run more. Eat better.

-Make sure I have "me" time. Get back into scrapbooking, learn more about gardening/flowers. Maybe find a new hobby. (I'm looking into making personalized invitations?)

-Be there when Nick first goes to Disneyland. Take in every second of seeing his face light up like a 5 year old.

-Get more into cooking. Try new things, techniques.

-Be debt free ( IS possible).

-Get involved again (This I plan on more as Amelia gets older. Coaching soccer, PTA, etc. everything with an acronym).

-Be a better blogger and grow my site!

While all of these things are attainable, some may take longer then others. I recognize this and accept it. In the mean time, I will work on what I can now...and realize that life is short, we should play hard, and enjoy what we can. There will be good times, and bad..but to make the most of what I have and who I have around me. That will be my legacy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dead smack in the middle of the "terrible 2's"

I've never been one having a problem taking out Miss Amelia. She would typically act ok, and if not I would just pack up and go home. NOT the case yesterday. She's at this fine line of being "too old" for her stroller, but NEEDING the stroller because her independence means cleaning up after her from every shelved product within her reach. Or she wants to push the stroller herself, which likens to the little white haired lady who drives all over the road in Ferris Bueller. (Bueller....Bueller...) It's not safe people.

Yesterday I met up with an old co-worker/friend of mine to catch up, girly style. I hadn't seen her 6 month old since she was about a week old (bad friend!) so we thought, let's get the girls together. I think Amelia successfully scared the hell out of Ashley on what's to come when Miss Ava turns 2. We're talking throwing herself on the floor in the middle of mall traffic. And speaking of the mall, you would have thought it was the week before Christmas could hardly move! But I digress...

It got to a point where I was speed walking because I was such a mean mom I strapped A into her stroller and she was screaming, with full on arching of the back and people staring at me like "you take her in public". I'm sure my mom just LAUGHS thinking "ah, payback is a bitch". When these things happen to me, I tell myself that for the day A calls me and is freaking out over the embarrassment.

So now I either limit the trips until I have fabulous medication to take before I go, or we might just limit things for a bit until it can be "handled". Or is in an outdoor venue.

On the flip side, my kid is HILARIOUS. Something will come on tv and she'll proudly announce "I like that Mommy". As if this is information I should have already known. She's a picky eater, like her mother. She can tell me what she did during her day. She knows that going to the grochery store means she's getting a cookie. She makes requests on for certian songs (no, not kids songs) in the car, then sings along. She LOVES to sing, and dance. I got a Flipcam for my birthday from the invention. ever. I'm able to capture so much more of her silliness in such a small camera! She's wanting to be much older then she is, daily. She wants to put on mommy's "pretties" as I put on my makeup. She pretends to do my hair. She knows how to stall when it's time to go to bed, but is also like clockwork in going to bed. She knows what time, and just goes. We've always been blessed that she's such a good sleeper. She's started to want to pick out her clothes, and help dressing/undressing herself. She does NOT want her hair done (or hair pretties). She's becoming a little person in front of my eyes, and I'm loving every minute.

Saturday, May 1, 2010