Sunday, January 18, 2009

A lazy Sunday story.

Nothing much was done this Sunday, which was a-ok with me. We went to the grochery store in the morning, then came home and daddy made yummy breakfast for us all. I do like myself some waffles. I played real hard, then fell asleep on mommy who had to take me up to my big girl bed. I slept 3, yes 3, hours. Then I got to have my first Chicken Nuggets, which I took no time in finishing off. Yum. Then I got my hands on some lasagna for dinner. In between my busy day, mommy kept shoving her camera in my face for pictures and video. The video was not much to shout about, so she kept mumbling about working on it this week. I did give her a couple of good shots though, mainly because I know I'm cute and to get her to put the dang thing down and play in my band with me. I have a band, more on that later.

I say "cheeeeeeeeeese"

Sticking out my tongue at the dog.

It was so funny, I had to throw my head back.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Involves video of Miss Amelia J, extremely rare footage. Coming soon....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Non fighting furniture, it exsists!

It was a busy weekend at the Glynn household. Today entailed a "pre" spring cleaning of sorts. To the tune of 3 hours. I forgot how much house I have to clean. The more sq. footage=the more time it takes to get things as clean as you want them. Mentally noted. I'm now going to break cleaning into "sections" throughout the week, so that my family sees me on weekends. We also had fun putting together our new bookshelf. I say fun because this is literally the first piece of furniture Nick and I have put together, in the 6 years of our relationship, that we didn't get in a fight about! From now on, it's the Billy line at Ikea. Period. All other brands cause fighting to ensue! We're pretty proud of it and it looks damn good! Then we got to play with Miss Amels, who was being a hamball today. So I snapped some shots for fun of us all. Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why aunts are so cool....

I've been meaning to post this, and after a bout of our first "big girl" puking fit (read: smelly, non-formula puke) the past couple of days, I can now finally sit and post. Miss Amelia received this from her fabulous Aunt Christie for Christmas. Aunt Christie is very creative and this gift coming from her, was perfect. She's pretty much the coolest aunt I know.

The only concern we have is, the back of the book states there are 2 more books to the series. One of which is called "naughty Amelia Jane" and something to the effect of "Amelia Jane is naughty". I'm wondering what kind of a complex she may get!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years day goodness.

We had a quiet New Years eve, which was just what we wanted! A couple of friends came over, games were played (Zombies, a gift from Nicks mom...such a fun game!), and kisses handed out at midnight. Miss Amelia started stirring from her slumber at 11:57pm, so I convinced Nick to head upstairs and bring her down for the ball to drop. She made it just in time! Plenty of fireworks went off in the neighborhood ringing in what I know is going to be an amazing 2009. We got to see good ol' Dick Clark kiss his wife, which was creepy and cute at the same time. We wish 2009 to be full of health, laughs, and good times for all!

My first Disney princess backpack. Thanks Ashley!

She looks so much older with her backpack!
Always singing.
Reading to mommy.
I think she's starting to look a little like me!
She's just too cute.