Monday, April 28, 2008

We now return from our regular scheduled programming....

Oh sand!

No wait, butterflies on my shoes!

Me and daddy.
Super Tauras'!

Me and mommy!
Oh look, a dog. I have one of those....
Um, who's baby did we steal?
NOT looking at the ocean.....
I'm getting dirty, ew!

After this short absence, I'm happy to report I'm typing this DOWNSTAIRS in my house, from my new PINK laptop. Thank heaven for husbands that LISTEN, or get so tired of your whining your get your way just to shut them up!

This past Sat. I celebrated my big 28th birthday. Hooray. I have learned this year that getting older, and having a baby, makes your birthday not so important anymore. No more going out and having too much to drink and dancing, or singing, in public. Why you ask? Because you have to deal with a 5 month old the next day. I was in bed, on my birthday, on a Sat., at 11:30pm. It felt like 3:30am. It was heaven for us. My husband spoiled me rotten by getting me this beautiful, pink, laptop which I'm loving. Amelia sent me flowers to work. The florist screwed up and sent me the only flower in the world I'm allergic to. Like, throat and eyes swell shut within 5 min. of smelling them allergic. They fixed it. I got myself a new Coach purse! Life is good!

We also decided to take Miss Amelia to visit the Pacific Ocean for the first time this day. The weather couldn't have been better. About 65 degree's, zero wind, and partly sunny. It wasn't what mommy had dreams of. Mommy had dreams of scrapbook pictures out of a book, Amelia looking at the water, fascinated by the waves and the sand. Instead I got pictures of squinting, fussing, and an attempt at a family picture, but with the baby cut out every time. I got her in the sand, standing, but looking at her feet the whole time. I honestly think she was just more excited about the butterflies on her shoes then the sparkle of the sand itself. Within 5 min, she was done. So we packed up, headed to Moe's for lunch, then hit the Outlet Stores in Lincoln City on the way out of town. I tried to teach Amelia the value of taking advantage of daddy while on such shopping trips. I tried to show her the sad eyes, little mouth pout, and baby voice that she already has when in the Coach store. "Please daddy, I'll just die without this new wallet". Instead, she fell asleep on me within 2 min. of entering the store. The extremely gay door greater thought it was cute. Ah, next time I will teach her the Coach lesson. She will learn. My mom taught me, so I feel compelled to pass on the knowledge.

We also visited Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Treats at The Grand Lodge on Sunday, a surprise to Lindsay. Jadd took her there for her birthday as a surprise, so we showed up as a surprise. Happy birthday Peeches!

And lastly, happy 5 month birthday to Miss Amelia Jane today. Oh how you are growing into a beautiful lady. Puking and all....

All in all, it was a pretty damn good birthday. In bed (where I can now blog from so conveniently) or not.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mmmm new tastes...

Yesterday, we introduced Miss Amelia to life outside of formula. It's a beautiful life, and while her insides aren't quite ready for solids, we decided a little liquid taste of something other then formula (which by the way, makes me as an adult gag) was in order. The good Dr. gave the ok for juices, but I didn't feel comfortable shoving tablespoons of sugar, aka Apple juice, down Miss Amelia's throat. I proceeded to the store for Pedialite.

Pedialite is the equivalent of Gatorade for us grownups. It has all the good stuff is your kid is sick. It came in 3 flavors (at least at the store I was at) flavor, bubble gum, and grape. Obviously, I opted for grape.

So, as she finished her morning meal, daddy fills a bottle with the magically formula and we attempt. Amelia now knows what a bottle is and takes pride in "Feeding herself", i.e. holding the bottle for dear life while trying to eat. Then she'll pull it out to make sure she's doing it herself, then put it back in. Hello gas bubbles.

So she gets excited to see the bottle and then gets a taste that it's NOT the icky formula she's been drinking for 4 1/2 months. Nick and I did not anticipate this being so funny, so we felt no camera was necessary. We we wrong and we are sorry for Amelia. Her face was priceless. Her eyes got huge and we got this look of WTF ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING TO ME? She spit it out, tried desperately to get it off of her tongue, and then was intrigued. Mom liked it because her burps smell better! She finally took to it later in the day and now loves her faux grape juice. Mommy and daddy are so proud. Our little juice if these damn teeth would only come in.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Growing so fast.....

Miss Amelia Jane had her 4 month check-up/torture session with the good Dr. today. Her stats are as follows....

Weight-14 pds. 7 oz. 75 percentile
Height-26 1/2 inches....100th percentile

We will start solids whenever I'm ready basically, but not for AT LEAST another month and a half or so. And I was reassured that her not sleeping through the night is "normal". So is the amount of drool that could flood Lake Mead. She got 4 shots, which made mommy cry as much as her and she is now sleepy comfortably in a Tylonal induced coma. Breaks my heart when they're all cuddly after torture. Last time she ran a fever and was running one when I put her to bed, let's hope the same doesn't happen this time. Give the girl a break, she wants to be active tomorrow!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Milestone Saturday....

Saturday, April 5th, at 6:31pm...Miss Amelia Jane rolled over for the first time. Mommy cried. Daddy was present to see. She is 4 months and 8 days old. She was on her belly, and apparently had enough of tummy time and decided to hurl herself onto her back to play on her play gym. We are enrolling her in Harvard tomorrow. :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

I woke up this morning and was 10 years old again....

It's happening. We knew it would, but needed the "official" word to feel confident. New Kids on the Block, did have a couple of hits (according to that annoying song...) but I was an addict. Like all girls in the 5th grade, I was going to marry and have Joey's children. I had a poster above my bed. Sheets, earrings for my freshly pierced ears. It was an amazing time. The first concert I ever went to? You guessed it....NKOTB. My mom, the goddess she was, got tickets. A bunch of moms and us kids packed up, drove to Seattle and spent the night for the concert. My brother's favorite part was their was a Denny's in the parking lot of the hotel. We got our shirts and were on the floor. I have proof.

Now, they return. Married to other bitches, I mean women. I've accepted this. Some have acted, some disappeared off the face of the planet. Some annoyed the shit out of us on reality tv (coughcough JORDAN coughcough). It doesn't matter. The planets have realiegned and they're back. I've informed my husband I will drain my bank account to see them. He told me if I did, I should continue to follow them around the country. I will do this. I'd like to see him survive more then 2 days with Miss Amelia. Riiiiiiiiiight. Even ol Joey Mac couldn't keep him from wanting me back. PLEASE DONT GO GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL.

I'm like a 10 year old on Christmas. I will be stalking websites for updates. I Tivo-ed the Today show, I'm going to watch it now. It's the best day.