Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This house is too quiet.....

At Miss Amels daycare/preschool, our providers allows themselves 1 week unpaid to take vacation. They have 3 kids of her own, all boys and under the age of 3, so I think they are allowed. This happened to be the week. Nana and Hampa were having Miss Amels withdraws as it was, so the timing was perfect. We did the "go to mommy's work" swap yesterday and Miss Amels was on her way with Nana. Today is my brothers 27th birthday, and I received a phone report from Miss Amels that on "Happy birthday Buddy Day" (buddy being my brothers nick name-not uncle...), they went to "re robin". While at "re robin", the bird himself made an appearance. And she had chicken, and dip. The kid loves dip. Dip, of course, being ranch or any side condiment. Miss Amels was not up for going too close to the bird, but had a lot to say about him.

I also got a picture on my camera of Miss Amels helping Nana to make cookies. Nana and Hampa were kind enough to take her until Friday, giving daddy and I time to not only sleep with no monitor, but clean the house thoroughly for our annual 4th of July bb-que/fireworks show. It's amazing how much easier it is to clean without a 2 1/2 year old under foot. We will have the usual 8 hour, soaked in home made marinade, this stuff could win a competition, ribs. Add chicken, home made fruit pizza and beer, and you have a complete down home American meal.

As of early June, we've been living in our house 4 years, and we have some friends coming over that have never seen our casa. I love showing off the house. While it has much work to be done (it was only a year when we bought it, but new couches, a screen door, more of a porch in the back yard, a table/chair set for our front porch to drink tea at on a hot summer night, and other regular home owner things are to be desired), I'm still proud of what we work hard for every month. It's a damn cute house people, and we're proud! Seeing as how I'll probably be buried in the backyard, it's nice to show people where they can come pay their respects.

Until then...this house is quiet. Almost too quiet. 3 days and Miss Amels, her laughter, singing and gabbing returns.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bedtime and...."the shadows".....

Bedtime has never been an issue for us. Miss Amels has slept through the night since she was 4 months old, less her teething phase when she would get up maybe once a night. We were greatful and blessed, knowing this wasn't the norm with newborns, but didn't say anything twice about as not to jinx it. Maybe I should have said/bragged more...

Within the last couple of months, Miss Amels has learned to open doors. We were the prepared parents and had the "locks" for the doors. With one "pop", they were on and we thought we were safe, to not have her come out until we would get her. We were then reminded what kind of rookie parents we are.

Miss Amels instantly broke off the door handle protectors within 2 seconds and it got so ridiculous, we quit putting them on. Since then, we've put up with her getting out of bed at least 2-5 times and standing at the top of the stairs with a pathetic whine until she could stall 5 more minutes out of bed time.

She also started visiting us in our bedroom. We've never been co-sleepers. Our bed was our bed, our space. Her bed was hers and we've had this mutual respect since she was born. About 2 months ago I feel someone rubbing my hand, wake up and find my hand hanging over my bed, with Miss Amels gently rubbing it and standing there smiling, at 6am. As if I should know it's time to get up and play. She's also found if she doesn't feel good, or if I'm just in a sappy, half asleep state of mind at 2am, she can wander in and I'll scoop her up and have her fall asleep right dab smack in the middle of the husband and I. Man she's got us figured out, all at the tender age of 2 1/2.

The last couple of nights, the new either a. scare, or b. stall tactic is "shadows". In fairness, the kid has shadows in her room. Who doesn't. Tonight I tried to explain how shadows are good, and they're watching over her to make sure she has good dreams. Then she would come back with "mommy the shadows scare me." Broke my heart. So back and forth we go. Up and down the stairs. The husband is currently on his 5th trip (I think) up/down the stairs and we've given up trying to watch the second half of Shutter Island. I'm sure in the next 5 minutes we'll hear the little pitter patter coming down the stairs with a new dissertation on the shadows in her room, and why she just can't fall asleep for another 5 minutes. And I know....this is just the beginning....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cooking, watering flowrers and all around happiness...

This week we got to watering the flowers. The weather has FINALLY shown up in summer form and the flowers need a good drink at the end of the day. Miss Amels is happy to help with this chore. While not doing that, I decided I REALLY wanted to cook something new/fantastic (Nick does the majority of the cooking, he likes to so who am I to say no?) I made an amazing sausage and penne marinara. It was a hit, even to the picky husband eater!

This week, Miss Amels gets the pleasure of being and Nana and Hampa's. My sitter is gone in Utah and they gladly stepped in to be replacements. We thank them. So now we have time to fully CLEAN the house before our annual 4th of July fireworks bbque/show. I will say after the first couple of days, the house will be quiet when I come home from work (other then Nick playing his games, I'm sure).

I also must say I'm quite disappointed in my recent discovery of my lack of tolerance to drinking. A girlfriend of mine that I've know for about 13 years had a birthday party last night. She came to my surprise party in April, and I was delighted to see her for the first time in 10 years. We were inseperable (just like last night). I got myself a 6 pack of Coores Light and figured I'd have a couple and be ok to drive home. 2 beers later and I was feeling good....Obviously, gone are the days were 2 beers were as good as a glass of water. Oh college...my liver misses thy.

Pictures of the most fabulous dinner (with chocolate chip cookies assisted by Miss Amels) and help with watering, follow....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy birthday daddy's day dinner....

Amelia has dubbed Fathers Day "Happy birthday daddy's day." While trying to record her sweet little voice saying "Happy Daddy's Day" into a card, she came up with the above phrase instead. It stuck. From now on, in the Glynn household, I hereby declare "Happy Daddy's Day." In honor of this day, mommy made daddy one of his favorite dishes. His mom's home made Manacotti with french bread and home made chocolate chip cookies. Amels helped with the cookies, and snuck in a few chocolate chips. I thought I had pictures of this and it turns out I don't. Be jealous, it was good!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a typical Saturday morning....

Cooking with daddy. from Megan Glynn on Vimeo.


You're just too tired to try to make it to nap time. Then mommy gets to see this and finds it so adorable pictures need to be taken.

But while someone is dreaming heavily of castles and candy, mommy made an AMAZING Italian sausage and Penne marinara. If the camera had smell-o-vision, you'd be in love.

The Glynn Family garden, year 2, week 4...the aftermath

After a couple of weeks to let the garden dry out, we've taken stock and found what we've lost, what we may have lost, and what survived "the flood". This we know so far:

We've lost: cucumbers, zucchini, cantelopes, at least 2 tomato's, the mini jack-o-lanterns.

What survived: corn, big pumpkins, our 4 different types of peppers, and at least 2 tomato plants.

We did see the sparkle of a watermelon plant today, so that might have made it! We'll replant the cucumbers and zucchini's in the next week. Thankfully they grow pretty quick so we'll be able to enjoy them over the summer. I skipped last week's pictures because there wasn't much to show, but here is this week....

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The good and the bad....

The good news: Amelia is a healthy, hearty, 31 pounds (I know where my bicep came from!) We are consulting the car seat manual to see if it's time to upgrade to a booster seat because she's also TALLLLLL.

The bad news: The fluid in her left ear is affecting her hearing :( Her right ear has fluid, but it's not as bad. Shouldn't be affecting her hearing on that side. This explains the constant "huh?" we get....

I love my pediatrician and trust him 110%. Thankfully, he didn't have me screaming to the ear, nose and throat dr. He said a lot of times warm weather can help with the fluid, but he fears another ear infection. Miss Amels will be on a preventitive prescription for the next 6 weeks as a precaution, then a recheck. If fluid is still present...ENT Dr. and tubes :(

The thought of Amelia having surgery gives me high anxiety. I know it's best for her and I trust that my Dr. isn't going to throw me to the wolves unless it's in Amelia's best interest. But still....I'm having a hard time!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today is the day....

Today is the day, my parenting abilities were TESTED...

Today is the day, I had to put MYSELF in time out....

Today is the day, I knew my mom was getting HER revenge for when I was this age.

Today is the day, I yelled...and realized I sounded just LIKE my mother.

Today is the day, Amelia spent MORE time in time out then she ever has.

Today is the day, I thought seriously about Amelia being an ONLY child.

Today is the day, I counted the MINUTES until nap/bedtime.

Today is the day, I VOLUNTEERED to make dinner, so I could "escape".

Today is the day, I wanted to run AWAY.

Today is the day, I sounded like a BROKEN record.

Today is the day, my daughter acted like a 2 1/2 year old and I JUST...WASN'T...READY.

Paying it forward....

Last summer my very good friend Kyla, who has 2 boys, wanted to get her garage clean and offered both a Little Tykes picnic and a Little Tykes swing/slide set. I thought this was perfect because these items tend to be expensive, and with how fast Miss Amels grows, wouldn't last long. I asked Kyla how much she wanted for both pieces and I was taken aback by her answer (only because, you don't hear this very often and I was overwhelmed with her generosity!) She said, "Nothing". I offered time and time again to give her SOMETHING and she just said she'd rather give it to someone she knows would use it. The picnic table worked perfect for her and cousin Henry at our annual 4th of July bbque/fireworks show. Amels also loved going down the slide and going "weee" on the swing. (plenty of pictures I have prove this!)

Now, my baby is growing up. She would much rather be a daredevil and go down the largest slide she can find at the park then this "Baby" slide...yes she'll still do it IF SHE HAS TO, but really she just looks at me like it's so elementary!

We tried to plan a garage sale last year, and failed. As you can imagine, the garage is now another year older, which has given us another year to fill it with CRAP. Old toys, boxes that....4 years later...still haven't been looked through. Ug! So when discussing getting said garage sale put together this year, we discussed the play set (the picnic table will stay, it still has use left in it). We have the perfect place in the back yard, on peet gravel and all, for a nice, large play set. Yes, those expensive ones that she'll use DAILY to justify the cost. (friends, feel free to come play!).

Our next door neighbors have an adorable little girl, P, who just turned one. I got to see P outside the other day, as with the weather we haven't seen her beautiful eyes lately! She's getting so big and is just walking! After talking with the husband, it was decided we would offer it to adorable Miss P before selling it. Would I ask for some type of monetary payment? No. Why? Because it would be going somewhere it would get used (and I'll have proof, we can see their backyard from our bedroom!) and it will be just perfect for Miss P by mid/end of summer when she starts walking more for the slide. To my delight, when offered today, Miss P's parents accepted and were washing it off this afternoon. It felt good, and I can't wait to hear the adorable little squeals from Miss P on her first trip down her very own slide!

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"-Ghetto Boys

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi, my name is Megan and I'm a Gleek...

"HIIIIIIIIII MEGAN". It's true. While I'm a tad partial to musicals as it is, I didn't think a tv show could capture me the way this did! I watched the finale today, no I won't leave any spoilers. But boy was I a happy girl. DH made fun of me for crying, and cry I did. It kept me wanting more, and most importantly...singing along. Hulu it, watch reruns, Netflix it or buy it. Love it, embrace your inner Glee dork. Then join us Gleeks. It's a rad place to be (CAUSE WE'RE BRINGIN DA FUNK!).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The next American Idol...Amelia, not me.

The Glynn Family garden, year 2, week 2- The Flood.....

It happened. We're upset. THE Flood. With over an inch of rain in less then 12 hours, the garden is 95% under water. Some plants have not made it. Some, we will wait and see when/if the water reseeds. I read that it's 6 days into June, and we've already far exceeded the average rainfall for this time of year. Disappointing. So now we wait, to see if our seeds don't come up when the water goes down. And we see if like people that make a living doing this, our crops are ruined :(

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Saturday, June 5, 2010


No, not as drastic as I made it. Saturday morning humor. Ha. But I did cut it. And almost cried. I went into this weird, black out type state, trying to make sure I left her with SOME bangs...and as I cut the first time I was informed of what I was chanting over and over by my 2 1/2 year old. I hear her sweet little voice say "oh, God" back to me. Oops, must remember to watch what I say in an altered state. Needless to say, she still has bangs. They were getting too long and the poor child was falling all over herself (could just be that darn clumsy gene she got from mommy). It was traumatizing to mommy, Miss Amels lived just fine. And she doesn't have funky bangs, thank you very much. Although I do think this will be my last attempt at being a cosmetologist. Next time we're leaving it to someone with a license!