Sunday, May 24, 2009

The garden

Mommy has been asked, and wants to show off, the garden her and daddy have made so far. Of course it looks like a lot of dirt now, but they hope soon they'll have more green to show! Lots have been planted, and I'm looking forward to trying as much as I can (Dr. Culver isn't happy about strawberries


Christie said...

Henry will gladly take those strawberries off your hands. He loves 'em!

Miss Amelia Jane. said...

We have plenty of different varietys! We'll see how it goes :)

Anne said...

I'm really sorry. All I can think is "Green Acres, is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me."

Good job you guys! It isn't easy and I'm jealous you've got the area to do it. You will be eating homegrown goods and handing out extras before you know it. Me first please?