Thursday, July 30, 2009

My "baby" turns 20 months.

It's hard to believe, but it's true. 20 months. Was I not pregnant yesterday? I wonder when the counting of months disappears, and she can just be "a year and a half" or something to that affect.

My darling daughter, you are showing clear signs of not only being like your mother (although still looking like a carbon copy of your father) but the terrible 2's. Mommy and daddy have to turn away from laughing at you when you throw one of your famous tantrums. We get the throwing ourselves on the ground, kicking and screaming, face turning red. You pout when you dont' get what you want. We started time outs this week, and I think you are quickly getting the concept of them and that they aren't fun. It's funny, but not. You eat almost anything, although are starting to show signs of being picky. You let us know when you're done, and as of late, you'll eat ANYTHING with ranch on it.

Your vocabulary amazes me daily. You're starting to put more sentences together, which is so cool to hear. A lot of times daddy and I will look at each other and say "did she really just say that?" We get "moe"=more. LOTS of mommy and daddys. Puppys. Tree's. Pool. "Get to go to the pool?" Manny manny=Handy Manny, your fav. show. A cow is not a cow, but a moo moo. We can't get you to say cow to save our lives. Melmo, whom you love. You sing, all the time. That's one of my favorite parts of the day, hearing you sing with your toys. You read, both to me, daddy or to the dog. He's a good listener. You love to be read to. Mommy taught you how to clap when the daily double appears on Jeopordy. Grandpa would be so proud. You impress everyone with your "hi's" and "bye's". You will greet, or dismiss, anyone at anytime. Because daddy and I usually follow up with "hi baby", a lot of your phrases end in baby. "thank you baby" "what's up baby." You would think we let you watch the movie Swingers one too many times.

You run, not walk, and take pride in your independance. You run into things, fall, and your legs are usually bruised. Aw the joys of childhood. You are going to be an active one, and mommy made mention to daddy the other night of finding some type of dance or tumbling class in the fall for you to not only enjoy, but expel some energy!

We are also beginning potty training, kind of. You know what it is, you say it, but have no interest in it. So we don't push it. But my dear daughter, the day I don't have to buy diapers is a day I will buy myself a drink!

Recently mommy has been able to stay home with you and it is one of the most rewarding, and exhausting things I've done. I love being able to play with you all the time, and we're working on our ABC's and 1 2 3's. We color and cook on your stove. You are now are wanting mommy more, which is making daddy jealous. (mommy secretly loves it). But, you'll always be daddy's girl!

We just love you to pieces littles and are so proud of how grown up you're becoming and having so much fun watching you learn and grow. You're the best thing we've ever done.

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lindsay b. aucoin said...

this is so sweet.

as is your little girl.


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