Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pneumonia 1, Mom 0

Just as I get the motivation to post more consistently, a trip to the ER last Tuesday left us with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Who gets that anymore? Answer: Me. I've never had this before and had no "symptoms" prior to Tuesday, except to wake up unable to breath. Blood pressure was high (never had an issue with this), pulse was high (probably because I couldn't breath). Word of advice. If you ever need SUPER fast attention at the ER, say you can't breath (although be legit...). I was whisked back to a room, hooked up to monitors and oxygen and had an EKG done in 5 minutes. I must say that when mom came down prior to the morphine shot she may not have known the comedy that would ensue. An x-ray and CT scan later, confirmed. One more shot of morphine "for the road" and I was quickly passed out in the passenger seat of an escalade. (Myblng no less).

To up the ante, Miss Amels wasn't up to par this week either. She had probably the worst night in her short history here on earth, literally up every 15-30 minutes..ALL NIGHT. She kept saying her ear hurt. So Friday we go to the dr. Poor doll had a double ear infection, a fever and strep throat. Poor Nick just wants to run away at this point. So with a multitude of prescription bottles on the counter, we're on a mission for health this weekend. I missed 4 days of work, and the newspaper doesn't stop because I'm sick! I MIGHT manage to get in a trip to the mall today (at Nicks request which NEVER happens so I'll make myself feel better) for my poor mother in laws EXTREMELY belated birthday. And I wanted to plant flowers this weekend....ce la vie.

I will also be posting pictures of Amelia soon, but I'm unable to upload them at this time because memory on my computer is down to zero. Nick ordered himself a hard drive for his birthday (his request...) and once that comes we're backing everything up and pictures will arrive!

On a lighter note, 9 days until my big 3-0...into a new decade we go...HEALTHY!

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