Monday, April 21, 2008

Mmmm new tastes...

Yesterday, we introduced Miss Amelia to life outside of formula. It's a beautiful life, and while her insides aren't quite ready for solids, we decided a little liquid taste of something other then formula (which by the way, makes me as an adult gag) was in order. The good Dr. gave the ok for juices, but I didn't feel comfortable shoving tablespoons of sugar, aka Apple juice, down Miss Amelia's throat. I proceeded to the store for Pedialite.

Pedialite is the equivalent of Gatorade for us grownups. It has all the good stuff is your kid is sick. It came in 3 flavors (at least at the store I was at) flavor, bubble gum, and grape. Obviously, I opted for grape.

So, as she finished her morning meal, daddy fills a bottle with the magically formula and we attempt. Amelia now knows what a bottle is and takes pride in "Feeding herself", i.e. holding the bottle for dear life while trying to eat. Then she'll pull it out to make sure she's doing it herself, then put it back in. Hello gas bubbles.

So she gets excited to see the bottle and then gets a taste that it's NOT the icky formula she's been drinking for 4 1/2 months. Nick and I did not anticipate this being so funny, so we felt no camera was necessary. We we wrong and we are sorry for Amelia. Her face was priceless. Her eyes got huge and we got this look of WTF ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING TO ME? She spit it out, tried desperately to get it off of her tongue, and then was intrigued. Mom liked it because her burps smell better! She finally took to it later in the day and now loves her faux grape juice. Mommy and daddy are so proud. Our little juice if these damn teeth would only come in.....


Christie said...

Dear Zeus, the new picture of Miss Amels could not be any cuter! And the story of the grape juice Pedialyte is hilarious!

Monsieur Henry had his first taste of pears the other day and we think he likes it.

Our little babies are sure growing up fast!

Amelia's mommy. said...

My dad took that on his Iphone, if you can believe that! Oh the quality! I was impressed. I still am getting the same response: "Oh look, it's Nick!" But I couldn't resist. It is the most adorable picture to date, IMO.

Pears? Great! Sweet fruit here he comes! They are growing fast, it's scaring me!