Monday, April 28, 2008

We now return from our regular scheduled programming....

Oh sand!

No wait, butterflies on my shoes!

Me and daddy.
Super Tauras'!

Me and mommy!
Oh look, a dog. I have one of those....
Um, who's baby did we steal?
NOT looking at the ocean.....
I'm getting dirty, ew!

After this short absence, I'm happy to report I'm typing this DOWNSTAIRS in my house, from my new PINK laptop. Thank heaven for husbands that LISTEN, or get so tired of your whining your get your way just to shut them up!

This past Sat. I celebrated my big 28th birthday. Hooray. I have learned this year that getting older, and having a baby, makes your birthday not so important anymore. No more going out and having too much to drink and dancing, or singing, in public. Why you ask? Because you have to deal with a 5 month old the next day. I was in bed, on my birthday, on a Sat., at 11:30pm. It felt like 3:30am. It was heaven for us. My husband spoiled me rotten by getting me this beautiful, pink, laptop which I'm loving. Amelia sent me flowers to work. The florist screwed up and sent me the only flower in the world I'm allergic to. Like, throat and eyes swell shut within 5 min. of smelling them allergic. They fixed it. I got myself a new Coach purse! Life is good!

We also decided to take Miss Amelia to visit the Pacific Ocean for the first time this day. The weather couldn't have been better. About 65 degree's, zero wind, and partly sunny. It wasn't what mommy had dreams of. Mommy had dreams of scrapbook pictures out of a book, Amelia looking at the water, fascinated by the waves and the sand. Instead I got pictures of squinting, fussing, and an attempt at a family picture, but with the baby cut out every time. I got her in the sand, standing, but looking at her feet the whole time. I honestly think she was just more excited about the butterflies on her shoes then the sparkle of the sand itself. Within 5 min, she was done. So we packed up, headed to Moe's for lunch, then hit the Outlet Stores in Lincoln City on the way out of town. I tried to teach Amelia the value of taking advantage of daddy while on such shopping trips. I tried to show her the sad eyes, little mouth pout, and baby voice that she already has when in the Coach store. "Please daddy, I'll just die without this new wallet". Instead, she fell asleep on me within 2 min. of entering the store. The extremely gay door greater thought it was cute. Ah, next time I will teach her the Coach lesson. She will learn. My mom taught me, so I feel compelled to pass on the knowledge.

We also visited Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Treats at The Grand Lodge on Sunday, a surprise to Lindsay. Jadd took her there for her birthday as a surprise, so we showed up as a surprise. Happy birthday Peeches!

And lastly, happy 5 month birthday to Miss Amelia Jane today. Oh how you are growing into a beautiful lady. Puking and all....

All in all, it was a pretty damn good birthday. In bed (where I can now blog from so conveniently) or not.

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Anne said...

Umm, I'm taking the fifth on the lessons you learned at my knee. Although it does appear you absorbed more than I thought you did......

Love you Bebe!