Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When children refuse to sleep....

My mom told me that I was a champ at fighting sleep when I was little. I know when I was pregnant, she was secretly wishing this terrible thing on me. It worked. Mom, I get it. Payback is a bitch.

Miss Amelia is teething as I've stated many times before. She now is refusing to sleep during the day. Which makes the hours between 5-7pm feel like I live in hell. The screaming, crying, rubbing of eyes. It's traumatic. No toy in the world, I've learned, can cure this "disease" of denial my child has that sleeping will do her good. This is her, happy and "normal" Amelia....

Happy, calm baby. We found sunglasses that fit her little head, and she's ready for the upcoming summer apperances she'll be making. 20 min later, I go to get dinner. I walk in the door and find her like this.

Yes, she was talking to her dinosaur one minute, silent the next. Bless her heart, we laughed as we snapped photos. This one is for the boys :) MY payback will come one day with her, I keep telling myself this and it gets me through.

On one positive note, 3 times this week, yes 3, she has slept through the night. With this being more then just a "fluke", "No honey, just because I took Ambien doesn't mean I slept through her crying". 3 times people. I'll take it! :)


Anne said...

Oh yes, you fought sleep, mostly because you were afraid you'd miss something.

But I suspect there is more "payback" to come, looking at my Butterbean's eyes. She may look like a mini Nick, but she's her mother's child!

Christie said...

I love that picture! Henry is much too awake in the exersaucer to ever go to sleep. He's like JoJo the idiot circus boy with his pretty new pet.

Aren't baby sunglasses great?