Monday, June 30, 2008

7 months and 2 days old...Houston we have a milestone.

Yes, it's true. We are now, officially, the household of the crawling. My dearest daughter, Miss Amelia J, namesake of this blog, took her first "step" toward freedom today. It's an army crawl, but she moved from one place to another so it counts. I have it on video, but need to learn how to upload, and also mute (I sound like a dog owner egging on their dog: "come can do it..."). We're so proud of our little girl, but a part of me is sad that she's growing up so fast! I was at the nail salon today getting my nails and toes pretty for the upcoming holiday and sat next to a mother who brought in her 10-12 year old-ish daughter to get joint pedicures. They both got flowers on their big toes. I had a Quantem Leep moment, and thought of me and Amelia doing this same thing many years down the line. I'm currently attempting to download software to my computer to upload said video. Be patient, I'm blonde but will prevail!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 months and 13 days old....

Today we visited with the nice Dr. Culver today. I do enjoy flirting with him, all smiles, while he pokes me to make sure I'm growing right. I guess I am. My stats are as follows:

Weight: 17 pds.
Height: 28 1/2 inches (I am the height of an adverage 10 month old!)

I've been cleared for most solids, even stuff off of mommy and daddy's plates! (no syrup with those pancakes grandpa). When my stupid painful teeth come in, I have something called floride to take. So I'm tall and lean, and am 2 seconds from crawling. Sometimes I sleep through the night, sometimes I don't. Mommy got a new car I like. It's not as loud as her old one. I'm very happy and active right now. Mommy tells me in the next couple of days I'm signing up for swimming classes with Aunt Christie and Cousin Henry. How exciting! I love the water! That's all for now.