Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first HOME MADE pie....

While I've made the classic Red Betty Crocker cookbook pumpkin pie in the past, I decided to take a different route and make a home made pie. What kind you ask? Pumpkin. As per the previous post, you can see we not only have a couple of pumpkins in my back yard, we have close to a pumpkin patch. So I decided to take on the task of carving one up to make pie. While carving, saving the seeds, and boiling the pumpkin took 2 hours, the crust went pretty easy (it's something I'm still working on). After cooking it/winging it, it turned out AMAZING! I can never imagine going back to canned pumpkin again. Thank God we have enough pumpkin to freeze for pies to come! I had to take a picture of my pride and joy!

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