Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, we survived!

My first night in a big girl bed was a little rough. I was not sure what to think of this new bed. Well, it's not new, per say. I have what's called a "life time" crib. It turns from a crib, to a toddler bed with a guard rail (what I have now), a day bed and then a twin bed. Pretty cool! Daddy put up the guard rail last night and mommy only had to come in and reassure me about 5 times. A couple of times I just stood on the outside of my big girl bed and cried. Mommy rocked me to sleep and I liked that. I then slept from 9:30pm-4am, where it took 2 more times to put me to sleep. Right now mommy can hear me on the monitor not in my bed. hehe. I know it's a big change, and mommy said she is looking for something called a comforter for my bed. I like new stuff! Mommy took pictures of my big girl before I was in it, and when I finally fell back asleep. Nap time today has proven to be hard for me, as I just want to explore my room. Mommy just left me laying here with all my friends around, but I'm not sure if I want to sleep or not. Let's hope so, for mommy's sake!

Checking out my big girl bed!

My big girl bed needs a comforter!

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