Wednesday, October 28, 2009

23 months of happiness.....

This is what you've given us, my dear Amelia. This time, 23 months ago, I was getting my epidural! We had been in the hospital for about 2 hours and made the calls that IT'S TIME. Although, by now we were making a second call saying IT'S COMING QUICKER THEN WE THOUGHT! And maybe Nana should just get coffee at the hospital instead of her fav. coffee place, in Gresham. (45 min. away). The epidural slowed that down.

You continue to grow, both physically and mentally, at an astounding rate to me. Since mommy has been staying home, she see's the changes daily. Your use of words, and putting them into sentences, is growing daily. You're starting to copy mommy and daddy more if we say a word you're curious about. Or now you ask that favorite question "what's that?" I'm always happy to hear that, knowing you're looking for answers about the world around you! You talk all the time (even in your sleep!) and I have no idea where you get that! You always have something to say to someone!

You still love to sing, dance and run. You run a lot! You'll stand at a place in the living room and shout "READY, GO" and run as fast as you can. Mommy is sure there will be either dancing classes, or singing classes (maybe both?) in your future! You've also discovered "prettys" this month. Mommy has painted your nails a couple of times, but thinks we'll wait a little longer to do it again. You get so excited you forget that something is on your fingers! Mommy even tried the "instant" dry nail polish, which seemed to work ok. You are so proud when it's on your nails, showing daddy when he gets home. The girly girl is showing!

You're growing so tall. Mommy's interested in seeing your "stats" at your 2 year apt. with Dr. Culver next month. You're in a 2T, some 24 month shirts are working out. You take a more "active" roll in dressing yourself in the morning. You know your socks, try to put on your shoes, and will tell me whatever is on your shirt (we're close to Halloween, so I get CAT a lot). I'm happy to see that 2T clothes are still adorable and I have a feeling after your birthday next month, you'll be set clothes wise. We were able to have you get into a 24 month dress that your Aunt Christie got you a while ago that every one just LOVES one last time for Cousin Henry's 2nd birthday. We had fun at his party, leaving daddy home because of a case of shingles. (and a great week for daddy to get them, mommy had surgery 2 days after Henry's birthday). You liked, and shared, his toys quite well and also met your Uncle Darren's side of the family, including 3 year old Gavin. You faired quite well with 2 boys! But you were quite the little lady in your dress, with your brown fancy jacket and hair with curls on the end. Ah, the curls. I WILL NOT and have not touched your hair, and don't plan on it! It's getting so long and has the most adorable curls on the end, it can go up in a full pony tail now! You still don't sit still much for mommy to do anything with your hair, so I have to work fast to try to get it set. Mommy has managed a couple of braids a time or 2.

This past month we also accomplished transitioning you into a big girl bed! Mommy and daddy have been so proud with how well you took this. Nana got you, and mommy picked out, what's called a "life time crib" before you were born. This made it so that we didn't have to buy a new bed, we just got a guard rail for your crib. So you got to keep the same mattress, and we just took off the "foot board" of the crib. After this you'll get a daybed, where the guard rail comes off, and then a twin bed. Mommy will defiantly be buying another one of these, in the future :) Nap time has been a challenge, as you realize your new found freedom since it's light out. Mommy thought she did a pretty good job at keeping things in drawers, then realized you knew how to open the drawers and didn't tell me! One nap, it was too quiet upstairs so mommy went upstairs to check on you. You were covered in ink, your sheets were covered in ink, your bed had ink on it, it was "a mess" you told me when I opened the door. I had to just put you in the tub to get it out of your hair and off of your face! Mommy also had to mumble some not so great words under her breath as she cleaned your bed off before daddy got home from work so he wouldn't see. The first couple of nights were hard. We would have to go in and reassure you that the big girl bed was yours and a good thing! You look so adorable and grown up when you finally fall asleep. You're still surrounded by your stuffed animal friends, which makes it look crowded but I think it makes you feel safer. Now you're so good at it, you just climb right in at night. We are proud of you little's!

Mommy let potty training go as you haven't shown much interest, but is vowing to pick it back up. You know what it is, we just have to work at it. We can't wait for the day of not buying diapers! It will be as great as the day we stopped buying formula! You've also become a picky eater, much to your daddy's dismay. Things you used to love you don't even want to try anymore! I've read this is a "stage" and I hope so!

Halloween is Sat. and your outfit is a no-brainer. You'll be a Ducks cheerleader. Mommy and daddy will actually be at a big ducks game so you'll be at Nana's. She's going to take you to a couple of houses near her and we know you'll have fun. We're looking forward to Halloween next year, when you'll understand it more and actually be able to eat the candy! Daddy introduced you to "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and "Garfields Halloween", both of which we have in boxed DVD's. Love the classics! We decorated much more this year then last, due to daycare not being here. Daddy got to set up his Spookytown village. We have been collections and getting village pieces as gifts and didn't realize how big the village has become! We put it together while you were at Nana and Sampa's, and when you came home we got a lot of "wooooooow's". Every day when we come downstairs in the morning you say "WOW" like it's the first time you've seen it. You've been so good about not playing with the pieces and just light up when we turn it on for you at night with all the lights off. You seem to enjoy the decorations we put up, so now we can't wait for Christmas, knowing how much more you appreciate it as you get older. I can't WAIT to set up our Christmas stuff, we have a lot!

We are very excited for your birthday next month, 2 days after Thanksgiving. Mommy hand made your invites, and we're going with your favorite right now, Elmo. Mommy worked really hard on the invites and is very proud of herself! Daddy and mommy are both very excited for what we're getting you, but you'll have to wait for that! You just keep asking your questions and dancing away! We love you!

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