Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures, as requested.

Some tree and decorations in the Glynn family home!

Amelia's first home made ornament!

Our newest edition! My bunco win!

Amelia puts the cast of Frosty "the bed" every night in her new wagon. This is how Nick and I find them before we go to bed.

This is my favorite. I've had this since I was born and my mom passed it onto me and Nick and I moved into together. I love it.


Christie said...

Very cool! Merry Christmas!

Anne said...

Megs, you need to add the photo of you as a toddler, screaming at the Baby Jesus.

Just a thought..........

lindsay b. aucoin said...

aaah my grandmother has the same nativity scene... i love it too. :)
love the pics, very festive! laughed OUT LOUD at the cast of frosty being put to bed... so adorable LOVE HER!!!

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