Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First day at day care, aka Mommy's back to work!

With me returning to work, Nick and I did some interviewing and found the perfect place for Amels. She only goes to daycare with 3 other kids, all her age. Ethan is 3, Payton is 2 and Isabella (aka Baby Bella or Bella Bella) is 1. She's learning to write letters and do crafts every day. Today was only her second day, and daddy had to carry her out to leave. She's having so much fun, and it's making it easier on me!

Tina, her daycare provider, sends home report cards every day showing what she ate, what she did, how much she slept (or didn't sleep) and little notes about her day. I love these because when I worked before, I would pick her up and daddy would drop her off. Now it's reversed and I drop her off and daddy picks her up. So I get to see about her day with the report cards (plus with all my NEW freedom at work, I'm able to call and see how she am). I found the first report card "adorable" and wanted to share.

Tina's 2 main comments were that she "loves that she says snackie" and "Amelia is quite the little singer! She LOVED our Christmas carols, sang her heart out and danced. She is sooo cute." I love that she was so comfortable that she sang her little heart out. She talked all about Bella Bella all night and just walked right off this morning. I love seeing her so independent and am glad she's getting to play with little ones her age again. She's going to learn so much and don't have an ounce of doubt of who we chose. I actually didn't cry when I've left her the past 2 days!

On another note, I won't elaborate on my job but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love the freedom, I love the atmosphere, and I just know I'm going to succesed. Oh, and my second day (where I still haven't learned SO much), I made my first sale. Here I come world :)...well not world, but Oregon City!

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so SO happy for you, omg.

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