Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dead smack in the middle of the "terrible 2's"

I've never been one having a problem taking out Miss Amelia. She would typically act ok, and if not I would just pack up and go home. NOT the case yesterday. She's at this fine line of being "too old" for her stroller, but NEEDING the stroller because her independence means cleaning up after her from every shelved product within her reach. Or she wants to push the stroller herself, which likens to the little white haired lady who drives all over the road in Ferris Bueller. (Bueller....Bueller...) It's not safe people.

Yesterday I met up with an old co-worker/friend of mine to catch up, girly style. I hadn't seen her 6 month old since she was about a week old (bad friend!) so we thought, let's get the girls together. I think Amelia successfully scared the hell out of Ashley on what's to come when Miss Ava turns 2. We're talking throwing herself on the floor in the middle of mall traffic. And speaking of the mall, you would have thought it was the week before Christmas could hardly move! But I digress...

It got to a point where I was speed walking because I was such a mean mom I strapped A into her stroller and she was screaming, with full on arching of the back and people staring at me like "you take her in public". I'm sure my mom just LAUGHS thinking "ah, payback is a bitch". When these things happen to me, I tell myself that for the day A calls me and is freaking out over the embarrassment.

So now I either limit the trips until I have fabulous medication to take before I go, or we might just limit things for a bit until it can be "handled". Or is in an outdoor venue.

On the flip side, my kid is HILARIOUS. Something will come on tv and she'll proudly announce "I like that Mommy". As if this is information I should have already known. She's a picky eater, like her mother. She can tell me what she did during her day. She knows that going to the grochery store means she's getting a cookie. She makes requests on for certian songs (no, not kids songs) in the car, then sings along. She LOVES to sing, and dance. I got a Flipcam for my birthday from the invention. ever. I'm able to capture so much more of her silliness in such a small camera! She's wanting to be much older then she is, daily. She wants to put on mommy's "pretties" as I put on my makeup. She pretends to do my hair. She knows how to stall when it's time to go to bed, but is also like clockwork in going to bed. She knows what time, and just goes. We've always been blessed that she's such a good sleeper. She's started to want to pick out her clothes, and help dressing/undressing herself. She does NOT want her hair done (or hair pretties). She's becoming a little person in front of my eyes, and I'm loving every minute.

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