Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Glynn Family garden, year 2.

We're at it again. Being sustainable. Last years garden was a lot of hard work, and a lot of success. We had amazing fruit salads, canned salsa all summer, cucumbers for salads daily and of course, our pumpkin patch. We set out for 3 pumpkins for the fall, ended out with over 20. A patch people. Some things have stayed the same, some have changed for this years garden. It was easier to till/plant this year, and we're hoping the harvest should get easier as well. Here is what we have to look forward to:

The same: Corn, Pumpkins (both big and mini's, for decoration in the fall mainly), tomato's (4 different types), cucumbers, zucchini, baby watermelons, green and red bell peppers.

Something different: We're using different types of tomato's this year, aside from the 2 bell pepper varieties, this year we're trying habanero and jalapeno, we've replaced the strawberries with cantalope, and not planted as many pumpkin starters. We also used pepper seeds last year and transplanted them into the garden, this year we by-passed that and are just using plants.

To add to our sustainable weekend without Miss Amels, we also pulled 2 out of control growing plants from the front yard and replaced them with beautiful Dahalia varieties. FINALLY some color in my front yard! (this with the tulips I planted a month or so ago). I'm going to see how tall they get and may put a couple more in come July to enjoy through the rest of the summer. We prunned and cut back our other plants out front and made things look quite orderly. We also have deviled eggs in the fridge for a bbque at my parents tomorrow and I made my mother in laws Lemon Jello Salad for the first time (I'm hoping it's a hit, I've never been a big Jello salad fan but this looks good!)

So tomorrow is "in-house" cleaning since the weather is supposed to go sour. Then a bbque at the parents to pick up Miss Amels. I have muscles I forgot exsisted that are sore from the planting/gardening but when all is said it done, it makes me love being a home owner! Like last year, mainly for my own records but also to share, I'll be doing a week by week photo gallery of the harvest. Here's to fruit salads, pumpkin pies and pancakes, and lots o' salsa!

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