Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Saturday Old Fashioned Festival Story

Here where I live, it's a small town. Every year, this adorable town puts on an adorable 4 day festival called "the Old Fashioned Festival." They have rides, elephant ears, vendors, a children's parade, a crowning of a queen (yes, there is a court and yes, I'm grooming Amelia to be on it one day). Saturday tends to be the day of BIG events. An early morning parade, a break in the action to ride the rides and eat great local food, then the night is topped off with a crazy expensive 20 minute fireworks show (this, I don't mind my tax dollars going to!). We have gone to the parade the past 2 years, and the fireworks since we've lived here, so that's 4 years. It's tradition people, and I love it. It seems the whole town comes out for the fireworks and while the husband may not appreciate the high school reunion of people he runs into, I enjoy the kids running around the field, dancing to the band with the glow in the dark necklaces waiting for the fireworks, with the background noise of high school kids screaming on overpriced rides. The weather being perfect (mid 60's at night, little hot for the parade reaching around 90, but we managed)...made for a perfect, family and friends Sat. Keep going after the pictures, there is video too :)

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Amels dancing at the parade. from Megan Glynn on Vimeo.

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