Saturday, July 3, 2010

You may have garden...

I've given up on taking pictures of the garden. We haven't given up on said garden, but not much survived "the flood" so we're making due with what we have. Some pumpkins, corn, maybe one tomato and peppers. So year we already have a good game plan!

Onto 3 day weekends (hooray!). Today was a busy shopping/cleaning day as Miss Amels is back from 5 days at Nana and Hampa's due to our sitter being out of town. Tomorrow is our annual 4th of July bb-que extravaganza. The husband soaks ribs, in his own homemade marinade, for 8 hours, then bb-ques them. I make a fruit pizza and people bring their yummy salads. We sit out back, drink, talk and be merry. Then fireworks in the front of the house at night. It's great to be a home owner, and as always, I'm fortunate to all that are fighting for my freedom! Let it ring!

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