Saturday, November 1, 2008

1st Halloween

We had your first Halloween last night. When we took you to the pumpkin patch last week, you wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins. This made daddy sad, but we got some pumpkins anyways and trucked on.

I tried to have you in your bumblebee halloween costume, but it seems I thought it was cuter then you did. It didn't last long. Your cousin Henry came over dressed as a pumpkin and Aunt Christie brought him to play. You played for quite some time. Kaden stopped by, dressed as a Ducks football player. You liked answering the door with mommy and seeing all of the kids. We did manager to keep a "happy Halloween" shirt on, so at least you were festive! Maybe next year we can get you into it more.

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Christie said...

Thanks for having us over. And Happy Halloween!