Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby, you're a year old!

Miss Amelia Jane-
Exactly one year, 2 hours and 36 minutes ago, you made me a mommy. Words can not express how I felt. Your entrance into the world wasn't something to be desired, but you've made the terrible thoughts and feelings of those first few days fade so far away, it doesn't even feel like it happened.
See, your daddy and I had some trouble getting you here. Without going into graphic details (I hear the "ewww mom"'s already), mommy and daddy decided they wanted to add to their family. After a few months of trying, nothing was happening. Mommy was in/out of the drs. office trying to find out what was wrong. After many tests, and a surgery, they figured it out. So then mommy went on these pills called Clomid. They made mommy less then desirable for 8 whole days. The first time I took them, mommy got pregnant but miscarried. Then I was put back on them, and 7 days later we got word that you were coming! We were so excited. We just told immediate family at first, because of the first baby, then as things progressed we told everyone.
We found out you were a girl as soon as we could. You were Amelia right away. See, when mommy went back to Montana to meet your grandma before mommy and daddy got married, grandma showed mommy this ADORABLE pink blanket she had made. Mommy fell in love with it. Grandma said the next person in the family to have a girl would get this blanket. Boy did mommy want that blanket. So when mommy was a few months pregnant with you, we found out Aunt Christie was pregnant too! We found out Aunt Christie was having a boy, so mommy felt she still had a chance with the blanket. When the ultrasound guy told us we were having a girl, mommy's first words to daddy were "WE GET THE BLANKET". Mommy was so excited! You can home from the hospital with the blanket keeping you warm!
Mommy had a hard time being pregnant. She didn't get sick, but wanted to sometimes. She started showing a cute little belly. Mommy loved her belly. She would always poke you to get you to move, but then couldn't get you to quit moving when she went to bed! Mommy craved pasta, maple bars and Rainbow Sherbet from Baskin Robbins. Mommy was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks. This made Halloween a really hard time for mommy with her restriction on candy. She still snuck some in though! To this day, seeing pictures makes it hard to believe mommy got so big!
Mommy was in labor with you for 3 days. Yes, 3 days. The hospital kept telling her this stupid rule of "if you're not 4, you're out the door", meaning centimeters. She was contracting all right, but you just weren't ready. FINALLY on day 3, I was 4 cent. and enough to admit. We were all so happy, but you weren't done proving to everyone you had the last word. You were sunny side up (facing the ceiling, not the floor like you were supposed to be), your head got caught in my pelvic bone, and mommy had to push for 2 hours to get you out. Yes, 2 hours. Thank God for epidurals, mommy couldn't do it without one! When you were born, you weren't crying. This worried mommy. They took you over to the baby warmer and started to help you breath. Then about 45 minutes later, they took you for x-rays. They said you had fluid in your lungs and were sick. They wanted to keep you for a while to make sure your infection cleared up and you were breathing ok. They wheeled mommy back to the nursery to hold you. I only got to hold you for 10 minutes before the ambulance showed up. Amelia my dear, that was my hardest moment ever. Watching them put my fragile little newborn, that I worked so hard to get here, in an isolate on a stretcher. You had about 6 different technicians go with you. One for your IV, one for your heart, one for your lungs. It was so overwhelming, I just cryed. The hospital they transferred you to wouldn't take mommy as a patient, so we spent our first night apart. That is my biggest regret, that I didn't stand up for myself more and go with you. That night I slept with one of the blankets they wrapped you in after you were born. It smelled like you.
For the next 5 days, mommy and daddy made the treck back and forth to the hospital to see you. Mommy spent all day in the NICU holding you, talking to you. Your infection cleared up fast, and there are so harsh feelings about why you were kept so long. It was so stressful being in a room with alarms going off all of the time, including the one on your foot. Babies were so sick, and crying, and so little. You weren't, yet you were there. We finally got to take you home on the 5th day, the best day next to the day you were born. It was one of the stormiest days in Oregon. I've never seen daddy drive so slow. It was so windy and rainy, but we got you home safe and sound.
You've always been a good baby, a good sleeper. Nana came over and stayed a couple of nights to help mommy out. It was funny, seeing Nana after a night with only a couple of hours of sleep. She said it was no wonder people have kids so young! You progressed along just wonderfully with your stats. Always so tall, and weight being perfect. You had a case of bronchitis when you were 3 months old, but got over that just fine. Other then that and a case of rosiola later on, you've been perfect. You started walking a couple of weeks ago. You've been talking since the 4th of July. Daddy is the apple of your eye. You smile and reach for him whenever he comes home. Grandma and grandpa came out to see you in June, grandma couldn't keep her hands off you! Plus, she introduced mommy to Nancy Grace, and how to make just the right pie crust. You started overnights with Nana and grandpa early on, as mommy and daddy went to daddy's company party and stayed the night. Nana takes you for a weekend once a month or so. She loves showing you off and being so proud. You have looked like daddy since you were born. People at work call you "mini-Nick". You eat hotdogs like you're in the 4th of July hot dog eatting contest at Nathans in New York. You love any big people food. You are starting to show mommy's attitude and are already throw mini-tantrums. You're a flirt in public. You love to smile and say "hi" when people walk by. You're in daycare because mommy has to work, but you seem to like it. Your nickname is Rosebud. You actually have quite a few nicknames. Rosebud, butterbean, littles, miss Amels and Melia. You happily answer to any/all. You're just so happy, but boy you let us know when you're mad!
You make mommy so proud little Amels. You are so happy, smiley and talkative. You have made my world complete and have given me the greatest gift of all, the ability to be called mommy. You make mommy and daddy laugh everyday and never fail to give us a smile. We love you baby girl. You're the most challenging, yet best thing I've ever done. We love you.

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Christie said...

Happy birthday, Miss Amels! Someday you'll realize how enormously special you are to change your dad's driving habits. (Well, at least for that one drive, anyway.)