Monday, May 19, 2008

Just wanted to say.....

Aunt Christie and cousin Henry came over today to play. I had a lot of fun. But, when mommy got home, I was very gabby. I told her that aunt Christie mentioned she was concerned that I would grow up wondering why I spent 5-6 months in bibs because of my drool "problem". Teething can last months. I've been drooling since I was 3 months old. And now that I'm a week away from being 6 whole months old, the drool has tripled. My first tooth is poking out, but I soak my clothes even with a bib on! So, mommy wanted to show some recent pictures of pretty little me, sans THE BIB. To you aunt Christie ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The wonderful world of solid foods...or so I'm told.

A few weeks ago mom and dad thought it would be fun/cute to give me a taste of something new. I'm a happy go lucky baby, so when they sat me in my bumbo (we didn't have a highchair yet mom said), daddy got the camcorder and mommy stuck some weird plastic thing in my mouth with a weird new taste. I promptly spit it out, because I wasn't sure what to do with it. Mommy and daddy laughed. I thought by spitting it out, that would show them I was done. But oh no, mommy went back for more. and more. and more. Mommy said something about "yummy pears". I spit more out then I ate but it was different. Mommy and daddy said something about trying banana's later.

So today, we tried banana's. I just got back from a super fun few days at Nana's and was all excited about mommy's new car. It drove real nice and smelled good. Mommy also said while I was gone my high chair came and mommy put it together all by herself. I wonder where things like that come from. Anyways, daddy got the camcorder again, mommy got the camera and I was situated in my hair chair. At least I was told it's mine. The fabric matches everything else of mine. My car seat, stroller, and swing. Mommy put that weird plastic spoon in my mouth again and this time my face went real funny. I didn't spit as much out this time, but it definatly tasted weird. Mommy kept singing me a song about b-a-n-a-n-a-s. It was really annoying. I really liked my high chair though. I slammed my hands down on it and talked all about it. And I wasn't even that messy. Mommy and daddy were proud, and once again I was spotlight! I was told we're doing it again this week with something else, something called a vegetable? Sounds like fun to me, I just want to sit in my chair and drool on something new!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When children refuse to sleep....

My mom told me that I was a champ at fighting sleep when I was little. I know when I was pregnant, she was secretly wishing this terrible thing on me. It worked. Mom, I get it. Payback is a bitch.

Miss Amelia is teething as I've stated many times before. She now is refusing to sleep during the day. Which makes the hours between 5-7pm feel like I live in hell. The screaming, crying, rubbing of eyes. It's traumatic. No toy in the world, I've learned, can cure this "disease" of denial my child has that sleeping will do her good. This is her, happy and "normal" Amelia....

Happy, calm baby. We found sunglasses that fit her little head, and she's ready for the upcoming summer apperances she'll be making. 20 min later, I go to get dinner. I walk in the door and find her like this.

Yes, she was talking to her dinosaur one minute, silent the next. Bless her heart, we laughed as we snapped photos. This one is for the boys :) MY payback will come one day with her, I keep telling myself this and it gets me through.

On one positive note, 3 times this week, yes 3, she has slept through the night. With this being more then just a "fluke", "No honey, just because I took Ambien doesn't mean I slept through her crying". 3 times people. I'll take it! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Because she can.....

Despite the never ending fussy-ness because of teeth that haven't come in for the past 2 1/2 months, but have blessed us with never ending drool, tears and prayers thanking those above for Children's Tylonal.....Miss Amelia still hasn't cut teeth. She is so close, we can feel it, but my heart just breaks for the otherwise happy child when she chews on anything in front of her, including my face. And even though it is frustrating that I can do nothing to make her damn teeth come in to make her feel better, moments like these make me realize it was worth every moment of me. Life is good...