Thursday, June 4, 2009

18 month drs. apt.

Well we survived the "as to be yet named by the local media" storm. Mommy and I were at the Dr's. office for my 18 month apt. The wind was howling through the roof and every now and then Dr. Culver would stop and look up a little. He said he grew up in WI and has had his share of the potential tornado we might have had, so we felt pretty good with him. I guess we missed the good stuff because when we left, tree's were all over the ground and it was raining real hard. But onto the apt.

The good Dr. Culver spared me today with only 1 shot, but boy I was still mad about it. I screamed and pouted for quite a while. I wonder how long it will be until I get suckers for getting shots....he said he was happy with how I'm moving right along, and mommy got a pat on the back. Mommy talked about something called potty training, but she needs to do more reading on it. Basically he said I'm cool as hell. My stats were:

Weight=24 pounds. 50%
Height=33 3/4 inch. 95%

Mommy was writing this information in my baby book and noticed that I've been the same percentiles since I was 6 months old! Mommy asked Dr. Culver if we should start looking at the WNBA, or something more like a Dr. He said it looks WNBAish right now!

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