Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 19 months on this earth baby!

Mommy's a day late, but she said she had a really bad migraine yesterday and she didn't look too good, so I forgive her. She did come outside with me and play for a bit in on my playset. It was fun. I'm talking more, reading more, and defiantly singing more. Mommy keeps saying she's proud. I just know it's going to get worse....Happy 19 months baby girl. You make me and daddy laugh every day, your smile is contagious and your singing voice is beautiful. You are the best thing we ever did, and will continue to enjoy the smiles you give us every day. We love you Miss Amels.


Christie said...

Yea! Happy 19 months day, Miss Amels! :)

Anne said...

Have I said yet today how much I adore this face?