Saturday, June 27, 2009

A baby shower day at Kellys

One of mommy's oldest friends, Kelly, is having a baby soon. So we got to go to her house where there were a lot of other babies around from people mommy knew for a long time. I was so good, impressed everyone and just hung out looking cute. I made sure I touched every baby softly and even ate a little. Oh and I was lucky enough to help with presents. Here are some pictures mommy took.


Christie said...

We have a frog pod and love it. Your dad should totally buy the bug pod for you.

Miss Amelia Jane. said...

We've seen your frog pod many times and are a tad jealous of it. Mommy brings it up to daddy EVERYTIME we are at Target (read every week) and I don't leave with it...I don't understand. I loved the box!