Monday, November 30, 2009

Amelia J at 2 years old.

Amelia had her dreaded 2 year check up today and while we thought we'd only be getting one shot, we walked out with 4, and having to go back 3 weeks for an additional booster. Yuck. She did display an impressive tantrum, this avoiding me having to share with the dr. we're in the terrible 2's. (crying, throwing ourselves on the floor, it was probably a top 5). I dislike that now that she talks and talks and talks, she can tell me they hurt. 2 in each leg, so the second leg bled pretty bad and since she'll point at it and in the most pathetic voice go "hurts mommmy". Mommy eats is up and takes all the snuggle time she needs. Although since the traumatic event little one has been sleeping (probably thanks to post shot Tylenol to help with "hurting") but her stats are amazing, and as follows:

Weight=25.6 pounds (mommy thought heavier!) 40% percentile but not worried because of her height

Height=35 1/2 in. (that's 3 feet people!) 90% percentile

Her head circumference never mattered to me, even though they wrote it down. So she's on the same trend she's been on since she was born, growin like a weed. Tonight we're supposed to be interviewing a daycare provider, but we'll judge how she's feeling when she wakes up and go from there. Can't get a good sense if they're a good "fit" unless she's feelin good!

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