Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This house is too quiet.....

At Miss Amels daycare/preschool, our providers allows themselves 1 week unpaid to take vacation. They have 3 kids of her own, all boys and under the age of 3, so I think they are allowed. This happened to be the week. Nana and Hampa were having Miss Amels withdraws as it was, so the timing was perfect. We did the "go to mommy's work" swap yesterday and Miss Amels was on her way with Nana. Today is my brothers 27th birthday, and I received a phone report from Miss Amels that on "Happy birthday Buddy Day" (buddy being my brothers nick name-not uncle...), they went to "re robin". While at "re robin", the bird himself made an appearance. And she had chicken, and dip. The kid loves dip. Dip, of course, being ranch or any side condiment. Miss Amels was not up for going too close to the bird, but had a lot to say about him.

I also got a picture on my camera of Miss Amels helping Nana to make cookies. Nana and Hampa were kind enough to take her until Friday, giving daddy and I time to not only sleep with no monitor, but clean the house thoroughly for our annual 4th of July bb-que/fireworks show. It's amazing how much easier it is to clean without a 2 1/2 year old under foot. We will have the usual 8 hour, soaked in home made marinade, this stuff could win a competition, ribs. Add chicken, home made fruit pizza and beer, and you have a complete down home American meal.

As of early June, we've been living in our house 4 years, and we have some friends coming over that have never seen our casa. I love showing off the house. While it has much work to be done (it was only a year when we bought it, but new couches, a screen door, more of a porch in the back yard, a table/chair set for our front porch to drink tea at on a hot summer night, and other regular home owner things are to be desired), I'm still proud of what we work hard for every month. It's a damn cute house people, and we're proud! Seeing as how I'll probably be buried in the backyard, it's nice to show people where they can come pay their respects.

Until then...this house is quiet. Almost too quiet. 3 days and Miss Amels, her laughter, singing and gabbing returns.

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