Sunday, January 18, 2009

A lazy Sunday story.

Nothing much was done this Sunday, which was a-ok with me. We went to the grochery store in the morning, then came home and daddy made yummy breakfast for us all. I do like myself some waffles. I played real hard, then fell asleep on mommy who had to take me up to my big girl bed. I slept 3, yes 3, hours. Then I got to have my first Chicken Nuggets, which I took no time in finishing off. Yum. Then I got my hands on some lasagna for dinner. In between my busy day, mommy kept shoving her camera in my face for pictures and video. The video was not much to shout about, so she kept mumbling about working on it this week. I did give her a couple of good shots though, mainly because I know I'm cute and to get her to put the dang thing down and play in my band with me. I have a band, more on that later.

I say "cheeeeeeeeeese"

Sticking out my tongue at the dog.

It was so funny, I had to throw my head back.

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Christie said...

It's been nearly a month. What has Miss Amels been up to?!