Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years day goodness.

We had a quiet New Years eve, which was just what we wanted! A couple of friends came over, games were played (Zombies, a gift from Nicks mom...such a fun game!), and kisses handed out at midnight. Miss Amelia started stirring from her slumber at 11:57pm, so I convinced Nick to head upstairs and bring her down for the ball to drop. She made it just in time! Plenty of fireworks went off in the neighborhood ringing in what I know is going to be an amazing 2009. We got to see good ol' Dick Clark kiss his wife, which was creepy and cute at the same time. We wish 2009 to be full of health, laughs, and good times for all!

My first Disney princess backpack. Thanks Ashley!

She looks so much older with her backpack!
Always singing.
Reading to mommy.
I think she's starting to look a little like me!
She's just too cute.

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Christie said...

Happy New Year, Miss Amels!