Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why aunts are so cool....

I've been meaning to post this, and after a bout of our first "big girl" puking fit (read: smelly, non-formula puke) the past couple of days, I can now finally sit and post. Miss Amelia received this from her fabulous Aunt Christie for Christmas. Aunt Christie is very creative and this gift coming from her, was perfect. She's pretty much the coolest aunt I know.

The only concern we have is, the back of the book states there are 2 more books to the series. One of which is called "naughty Amelia Jane" and something to the effect of "Amelia Jane is naughty". I'm wondering what kind of a complex she may get!

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Christie said...

To be clear, I did find the book in the childrens' section at Powell's. Lest anyone thing "naughty" has a different connotation.