Sunday, January 11, 2009

Non fighting furniture, it exsists!

It was a busy weekend at the Glynn household. Today entailed a "pre" spring cleaning of sorts. To the tune of 3 hours. I forgot how much house I have to clean. The more sq. footage=the more time it takes to get things as clean as you want them. Mentally noted. I'm now going to break cleaning into "sections" throughout the week, so that my family sees me on weekends. We also had fun putting together our new bookshelf. I say fun because this is literally the first piece of furniture Nick and I have put together, in the 6 years of our relationship, that we didn't get in a fight about! From now on, it's the Billy line at Ikea. Period. All other brands cause fighting to ensue! We're pretty proud of it and it looks damn good! Then we got to play with Miss Amels, who was being a hamball today. So I snapped some shots for fun of us all. Enjoy :)

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Christie said...

Nice job on the bookshelf, you guys. I hope you enjoyed a celebratory beer when you were done putting it together. And great pics of Miss Amels. Her hair is so long!