Tuesday, November 17, 2009

As requested....

It's not the greatest, can't get the kid to smile when I want. So one picture is just blurry, and cute of her curls and the other you can kind of see the "side swept" bangs. Lastly, a picture of my new hair! You can't see it in the curls, but it's dark in there! I LOVE it! And me, showing my "culinary skills" while Amelia naps....

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lindsay b. aucoin said...

i got confused here for a second cuz i was looking for the "like" button. :)
i know it's not the birthday cake, and i think i read that this was "elmo cake" but i still don't get it.

and i really WANT to. was this an appeasement cake?
lol!!! whatever the case it looks delish.

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