Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm not a Mac, I'm a PC

Mac vs. PC....I've been "trained" on PC's, and have played around with some Mac's but have never been too impressed. I never really got the Iphone craze because I've never had one. I've played around with a couple, but I never really saw the difference between them and my fabulous HTC android phone. My phone has the apps. on it I want, it texts and dials phone numbers just fine. Then came...SIRI. When I first saw an ad for Siri before Christmas, I looked at the huband and said "I WANT THAT!!" The Iphone 4GS craze then started. My current cell phone company has finally jumped on board and started offering Iphones. It seemed the writing was on the wall. But I resisted. Yes, the ad with Santa using Siri as his "personal planner" was adorable and I would stop dead in my tracks when it came on, but I didn't want to go through the whole mess of calling my cell phone company, upgrading the phone, agreeing to contracts, etc. Then came...the Ipad2. I've longed for one for a while, not sure how much I may use/benefit from it, but not really expecting to make the jump. Then my husband jumped for the both of us. I have to say, I love it, and as of now I use it a ton. The battery life is awesome, the screen is so clear and fast, and the app store brings me much enjoyment. I read books on it (thank you Kindle app), of course Facebook, and it's so light and easy to travel with. And, it's pretty. While I don't think I would give up my pink Dell laptop for a Mac Airbook, I'm still eying that Iphone...but for now, we are a 1 device (out of many thanks to my husband working in the field) Mac household. For now....

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