Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Glynn Family garden, year 2, week 4...the aftermath

After a couple of weeks to let the garden dry out, we've taken stock and found what we've lost, what we may have lost, and what survived "the flood". This we know so far:

We've lost: cucumbers, zucchini, cantelopes, at least 2 tomato's, the mini jack-o-lanterns.

What survived: corn, big pumpkins, our 4 different types of peppers, and at least 2 tomato plants.

We did see the sparkle of a watermelon plant today, so that might have made it! We'll replant the cucumbers and zucchini's in the next week. Thankfully they grow pretty quick so we'll be able to enjoy them over the summer. I skipped last week's pictures because there wasn't much to show, but here is this week....

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Christie said...

We're very happy to hear all that hard work wasn't for nothing. Tomatoes!