Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paying it forward....

Last summer my very good friend Kyla, who has 2 boys, wanted to get her garage clean and offered both a Little Tykes picnic and a Little Tykes swing/slide set. I thought this was perfect because these items tend to be expensive, and with how fast Miss Amels grows, wouldn't last long. I asked Kyla how much she wanted for both pieces and I was taken aback by her answer (only because, you don't hear this very often and I was overwhelmed with her generosity!) She said, "Nothing". I offered time and time again to give her SOMETHING and she just said she'd rather give it to someone she knows would use it. The picnic table worked perfect for her and cousin Henry at our annual 4th of July bbque/fireworks show. Amels also loved going down the slide and going "weee" on the swing. (plenty of pictures I have prove this!)

Now, my baby is growing up. She would much rather be a daredevil and go down the largest slide she can find at the park then this "Baby" slide...yes she'll still do it IF SHE HAS TO, but really she just looks at me like it's so elementary!

We tried to plan a garage sale last year, and failed. As you can imagine, the garage is now another year older, which has given us another year to fill it with CRAP. Old toys, boxes that....4 years later...still haven't been looked through. Ug! So when discussing getting said garage sale put together this year, we discussed the play set (the picnic table will stay, it still has use left in it). We have the perfect place in the back yard, on peet gravel and all, for a nice, large play set. Yes, those expensive ones that she'll use DAILY to justify the cost. (friends, feel free to come play!).

Our next door neighbors have an adorable little girl, P, who just turned one. I got to see P outside the other day, as with the weather we haven't seen her beautiful eyes lately! She's getting so big and is just walking! After talking with the husband, it was decided we would offer it to adorable Miss P before selling it. Would I ask for some type of monetary payment? No. Why? Because it would be going somewhere it would get used (and I'll have proof, we can see their backyard from our bedroom!) and it will be just perfect for Miss P by mid/end of summer when she starts walking more for the slide. To my delight, when offered today, Miss P's parents accepted and were washing it off this afternoon. It felt good, and I can't wait to hear the adorable little squeals from Miss P on her first trip down her very own slide!

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"-Ghetto Boys

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Anne said...

Well done, Bebe. I'm proud of you!