Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The good and the bad....

The good news: Amelia is a healthy, hearty, 31 pounds (I know where my bicep came from!) We are consulting the car seat manual to see if it's time to upgrade to a booster seat because she's also TALLLLLL.

The bad news: The fluid in her left ear is affecting her hearing :( Her right ear has fluid, but it's not as bad. Shouldn't be affecting her hearing on that side. This explains the constant "huh?" we get....

I love my pediatrician and trust him 110%. Thankfully, he didn't have me screaming to the ear, nose and throat dr. He said a lot of times warm weather can help with the fluid, but he fears another ear infection. Miss Amels will be on a preventitive prescription for the next 6 weeks as a precaution, then a recheck. If fluid is still present...ENT Dr. and tubes :(

The thought of Amelia having surgery gives me high anxiety. I know it's best for her and I trust that my Dr. isn't going to throw me to the wolves unless it's in Amelia's best interest. But still....I'm having a hard time!

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Christie said...

First off, 31!? Holy schnikes! She doesn't feel that heavy at all. Not enough when I compare picking her up to picking Hen up. But, good growing, kiddo!

Second, ah man, that sucks. Here's hoping the prescription she's on keeps the ear infections away and that when she has her next check up they don't find any more stupid fluid.

Kisses to the little one from her Aunt C.